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Yvette Meredith - Pilates/Yoga

My sport was hockey and my background is in the Fitness Industry (since 1983)

Qualifications: Reps L4 Lower Back Pain Management; L3 Reps Registered PT; L3 GP Referral Instructor; Yoga Sports Science™ Coach; Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher and Stott Pilates™ advanced level Matwork teacher. Pilates Reformer Teacher: ITEC L3 Sports Massage Therapist; Gym instructor; Group Exercise and Exercise to Music instructor.

Experience: Over 20 years in the Fitness Industry, keeping up to date with all the latest research, trends and techniques through CPD. My work as a Yoga Sports coach is to provide sports specific exercise for all aspects of sport. I began with programming Yoga for tri athletes by focusing on injury prevention by addressing and correcting any postural imbalances that may have been caused by swimming, cycling or running in order to help enhance performance, followed by programming Yoga and Pilates exercises for Footballers, Hockey Players, Tennis and Golf, moving onto lower back pain management. I currently run Yoga classes for the Royal School of Military Engineers (3RSME) and my sessions are made up of Military Personnel, Royal Engineers, Officer, non-officers, Medical Personnel, Doctors, Physios, Chemists, Sociologists and civilian administrative staff.

Aiding Recovery

Yoga's philosophy of "be kind to your body (self)" has helped me understand how to work through my own injuries, aiding recovery and self-healing during years of over-training.

Through the application of Pilates and Yoga, my aim is to bring awareness to my students of all things postural and well-being.

By using simple language, I focus on alignment and breath using intelligent and safe methods of movements with both strength and flexibility.

Wonderful Benefits

Both techniques are highly versatile and offer wonderful benefits for everybody, whatever their ability or goals may be. If it feels good - it is good.

I am passionate about all aspects of fitness and enjoy working with all ages and fitness levels , ranging from the elite athlete and teams sports professionals to performing artists; desk-bound professionals and weekend warriors looking to improve their general fitness, posture and to overcome/manage joint pain.

Improving Well-Being

We are all seekers of health and happiness and pain-free movement and I am genuinely inspired and constantly reminded by how we can all overcome obstacles, achieve personal goals and improve our physical and mental well-being through the holistic benefits of remedial therapies, rehabilitation programs, Yoga and Pilates.

What I enjoy most about my classes is seeing everyone grow in confidence; becoming their own teachers; improving posture; moving with more fluidity; having fun and generally feeling better while staying free from injury.

Professional Memberships:

Register of Exercise Professionals

Fitness Professionals

Yoga Alliance.


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